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Una nuova amicizia… dall’ Oregon !

Davvero una sorpresa inaspettata !

Uno splendido regalo di inzio anno …

Devo dire che non credevo ai miei occhi quando ho trovato nella posta ben 2 mails di Leslie Rapparpot.

Leslie è una delle più importatnti allevatrici di collies (rough e smooth) degli STATI UNITI ! Con l’affisso Kings Valley , Leslie ha prodotto numerosissimi campioni di bellezza e lavoro.

I suoi collies si distinguono infatti in herding , agility e  come cani da assistenza per  disabili,  non vedenti e i malati di Alzheimer.

Le sue linee di sangue hanno prodotto eccellenti collies da lavoro anche in Europa, specialmente in Germania. Qui , saggi allevatori cercano di fondere le linee americane con quelle di standard europeo , ottenendo collies di ottima struttura e temperamento !

Ora lascio la parola a Leslie… Lusingata dai suoi complimenti !

I am so happy to meet you by email and youtube :)  
I am eager to comment on your herding video with Elora but first I must say that she is a very lovely girl and beautifully built.  I would love to see her pedigree.  Can we communicate in english? I love italian, but sadly never learned it!
I have also done a lot of herding with collies for the past 40 years.  We owned 87 Romney sheep at one time.  We raised them for wool and trained our collies to help us move the sheep around the farm.  You can read some exciting stories about herding on my website at: in the section on Versatility.
I just wanted to ask you to try something new when you next go herding with Elora.  I think that she will accept responsibility to keep the sheep with you even if you turn your back to her and the sheep and walk away from them!  Pick a spot across the field and walk in a wavy line toward that spot.  I’m sure Elora will bring the sheep along behind you.  By making the line a wavy line rather than straight Elora will be encouraged to stay behind the whole group of sheep and show you “waring” behavior.  That is moving back and forth, side to side, but always keeping the group together!
Give it a try and let me know how it goes! :) )
Happy Holidays,
Leslie Rappaport
Kings Valley Collies

I have watched several of your videos and I LOVE the way you work with your dogs!!!!
I focus much of my training now on Service Dogs – ALL COLLIES – that help people that have difficulty with balance and walking.  I train my dogs the way you do, with love and kindness and positive reinforcement.  It is a JOY to see you working with your lovely collies!
I look forward to hearing from you!  I too was raised with collies and developed this love from my mother!
So good to find your website!

Thanks Leslie for your kind words !

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